Who We Are

Who We Are

As a result of experience and knowledge, FRACON was established in Marseille, France by the leading people in the animal nutrition sector. An improved new system has been presented to the market by supporting know-how with technological developments.

instead of purchasing different feed additives and premixes used in poultry and ruminant feeds separately, it is better to purchase a single product with a complete ideal formulation and a highly homogenous mixture to obtain optimal results in animal production. An increase in the animals' performance, quality of the final products, and the profit of using a single product has gained great appreciation from clients and created a huge market.

Since its creation, our company has specialized in the production and marketing of quality premixes, concentrates, and feed additives for poultry and ruminants locally and internationally.

Our main objective is to use our international experiences and following the recent development in the animal nutrition sector to provide the most economic product and successful production to the farmers

No matter where you are, which kind of farm, or raw materials you have, we can create the solution that suits your needs.

For us, selling our products is just the beginning, we are there to support your agricultural business for long-term success.