FR FRACON Calf- Lamb Complex Premix

  • FR FRACON Calf-Lamb Complex Premix was created with a special ratio to meet the vitamin, and mineral needs of your calves.

  • We can customize the products according to your needs with FR FRACON


  • Being a perfect pre-mix, it eliminates mixing problems

  • Contains the vitamins and minerals needed to Increase the feed value and creates a balanced feed for animals

  • Provides feed hygiene as it contains sufficient preservatives

  • Offers a special feed option for troubled animals


  • Contains vitamins and minerals in a balanced formulation

  • Easy to mix and has appetizing effects.

  • Accelerates growth and increases live weight.

  • Provides weight gain in a healthy and balanced way.

  • Promotes health growth of intestinal bacteria

  • Prepares the calf-lamb for breeding and fattening

  • Improves the immune system

  • Reduces weaning morbidity and mortality



  • 25kg

                                                               Sample Nutritional Values



 20.000.000,00 IU


 4.000.000,00 IU


 25.000,00 mg


 4.000,00 mg


 8.000,00 mg


 5.000,00 mg


 20,00 mg


 20.000,00 mg


 12.000,00 mg


 200.000,00 mg


 50.000,00 mg

 IRON (Fe)

 50.000,00 mg

 ZINC (Zn)

 50.000,00 mg


 10.000,00 mg


 800,00 mg


 250,00 mg


 150,00 mg