FR FRACON Dairy cow Complex Premix

  • FR FRACON Dairy Complex Premix was created with a special ratio to meet the vitamin, and mineral needs of your ruminants.

  • we can customize the products according to your needs with FR FRACON.


  • Being a perfect pre-mix, it eliminates mixing problems

  • Contains the vitamins and minerals needed to Increase the feed value and creates a balanced feed for animals

  • Provides feed hygiene as it contains sufficient preservatives

  • Offers a special feed option for troubled animals

  • Increases the yield time


  • Contains vitamins and minerals in a balanced formulation

  • Easy to mix and has appetizing effects.

  • Optimizes milk production

  • Prolongs lactation period in dairy cows

  • Helps maintain performance during periods of heat stress

  • Helps maintain rumen health and efficiency

  • Increases the yield time




  • 25kg

                                                       Sample Nutritional Values


 15.000.000,00 IU


 3.000.000,00 IU


 30.000,00 mg


 125.000,00 mg


 50.000,00 mg

 IRON (Fe)

 50.000,00 mg

 ZINC (Zn)

 50.000,00 mg


 10.000,00 mg


 1.000,00 mg


 450,00 mg


 150,00 mg