Our Story

Our Story

Fracon is the abbreviation of French Concentrate. 

Fracon was founded in France, Marseille in 2018 to deliver its profound knowledge of animal nutrition and its huge production capacity which represents a total of 60 tons of production per hour in 6 different production lines for premix, concentrates, specific feed additives, and liquid products.
İn the year of 2019,

The adventure that was started with the hope of penetrating the African market kept going with reaching more clients despite the incidence of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

This process has been overcomed by harbouring a customer satisfaction centralized attitude and with high-quality service.

Besides all these; We carried the production to Turkey in consideration of the new target markets in Asia and the Middle East and Turkey’s geographical advantage in Transport.

Finally, Fracon has been moved to Rennes which is located in the region of Bretagne in the direction of being a more powerful player in the sector.

As of the year 2023, Fracon will give service to valued customers from its new address in Rennes with heart and soul just like since its foundation.